Heritage History

Heritage Baptist Church was founded on November 7, 1993. The church met initially in the Whitley-Garner Funeral Home until it moved to the present location on Rose Avenue in Douglasville, Georgia.
During September of 1993, the founding members met three times at the old Douglas County Courthouse to discuss whether they would establish a new Southern Baptist church in Douglasville. Forty or so of the eventual charter members came together, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, they decided to found the church.
They decided to begin services during October. It was then asked if the church could meet in the chapel of the Whitley-Garner Funeral Home on Highway 78. The owner of Whitley-Garner immediately agreed to make almost the entire facility available for use for as long as needed.
The church outgrew the funeral home rapidly. It expanded to use the Cultural Arts Center for Sunday school space and the homes of some of the members for children’s activities.
Eventually the land at 8800 Rose Avenue, on which the church is now located, was purchased. The church completed the construction of the present facility a few years after it was founded, and it is where Heritage Baptist Church continues to serve our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.